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Why Chromecast 2 Not Showing Up? Possible Reasons & Solutions

Chromecast 2 is a streaming device that needs two things to operate; one is a TV with HDMI port and second is a Wi-Fi connection. Where issues related to HDMI port seem to be quite rare, but Wi-Fi related issues on Chromecast are quite prevalent.

If you have bought Chromecast 2, which is not showing up on the TV, then you need to check whether it has been connected to the right Wi-Fi network or not. If it is not, then that’s the reason right there as to why your Chromecast 2 is not showing up on the TV. Let’s find out how to fix Wi-Fi issues on Chromecast 2 in order to fix the bigger problem.

As much as Chromecast 2 is the second version of Google’s dongle with some bugs fixed, some Wi-Fi connection problems may occur. A number of reasons can lead to errors in connection, such as the distance between the device and the router or problems in the system.

Even if the cause is not very clear, some solutions can help resolve the lack of connection of the dongle. Check out what to do to try to solve the problem before it is necessary to send for service.

  1. Reset the device

The first step to solving the main problems is to reset to factory settings. To do this, simply press the button on the unit for approximately 25 seconds until the LED light begins to flash. Remember that done that, when you connect the TV you will need to install the device again.

  1. Reset modem/router

It may happen that the problem is not on the device but on the internet router. In that case, simply turn off the router/modem, unplug it and wait for about 15 seconds to reconnect it to the power. Wait for about 1 minute before trying again to establish a connection with Chromecast. If you are still not able to establish a connection with Chromecast, then take Chromecast help and support.

  1. Update the firmware

While updates bring improvements and more functionality to the devices, they make it possible to fix bugs as well. In the case of Chromecast update is done automatically and will show the whole process on the television. What the user should do is let the dongle be updated, do not disconnect it.

  1. Approach the router

Transmission failures or connection problems may be a result of the distance between the device and the router. By using the internet all the time of operation, it is necessary that the connection is stable.

In the case of routers that are in rooms far from the Chromecast, the device may not find an internet signal or be unstable, affecting the transmission of the image. If possible, use the dongle as close to the router as possible for a better experience.

  1. Purchase a repeater to boost the signal

Also regarding the connection between your Chromecast and the internet router, if you cannot get both devices closer to each other, the best option is to purchase a signal repeater that will extend the range of your wireless network.

It is important to note that the solutions presented are designed to solve small errors or simpler problems. If this is not enough, get in touch with Chromecast support to find out if a user also faces the same error, and if nothing is ample, refer the device for service.

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