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Step By Step Instructions To Configure Plex On Chromecast Media Streaming Player

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We know anyone can think of configuring the Plex service on Chromecast but the main hindrance is there is no direct way to caste the content from Plex on Chromecast without establishing a connection with phone or computer. Well, we are going to tell you the tips through which you can set up Plex on Chromecast.

What are Plex and Chromecast basically?

Plex is a platform for streaming content on phone, TV and smart devices. With the help of Plex, you can watch movies, videos, and shows. Moreover, you can enjoy music with valid subscription availed on Plex.

In the same manner, Chromecast is a media player with the help of which you can cast the content from phone or tablet to the big TV screen. This device is connected to the TV through HDMI port given at the back of the LED TV.

The unique feature liked by all existing users of Plex service is its support for all devices. You can configure any device on Plex and watch videos without any trouble.

How to play Plex on Chromecast?

If you are going to download the shows or content online when away from home, then you must consider the security and privacy factor. It is recommended to use VPN servers as a safety measure.

With VPN, you can secure the connection through encrypted codes. The hackers wouldn’t be able to hack your computer and data due to the encryption enabled at receiver and sender’s point.

How to configure Plex on Chromecast

For newbies, you have to first connect the computer to the plex server and to the Chromecast. If it is already done, then no need to repeat. Just move to the next step.

Open chrome// cast from chrome browser on a computer and see the list of devices. Move to the next step after reading on-screen instructions.

Plex on Chromecast settings

If the setup with the Chromecast is yet not done, then you will find the message for the same on the screen that reminds you of setup. Click to start set up. Once this is done, you will find ‘Ready to cast’ button.

Tap on ‘Set me up’ button.

A progress window will be opened on the computer screen.

You are required to enter the code for verification once the Chromecast start communicating with the computer. You can get the code from the TV screen.

Click ‘Next’ to move to the next step.

Enter the name of the device in the next field. If more than one Chromecast is configured at home network, then you must change the name of the Chromecast from its settings.

Here, you will have to enter the wireless details for new Chromecast device. If you are connecting to the internet for the first time through it. Enter the SSID and password carefully.

You can start streaming the content on Chromecast through Plex with the help of Plex app or web interface.

How to change the preferences of Plex on Chromecast?

No electronic device can work in the manner as it should be. There are always some flaws. In order to avoid the buffering, stuttering or sync issues, you must change the settings of Plex on Chromecast. For optimizing the performance, you can go to Support link of Plex servers.


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