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Quick Tips to Fix the Errors with your Chromecast Setup

Chromecast Help

Google Chromecast can cease to work any time, and if that is the case, then you should follow these below-mentioned steps to restore its functioning.

Congested Network

If your internet signal is strong and your bandwidth is fast and stable, the problem may be with your network congestion.

The biggest villain seems a bit obvious: the number of devices connected on the same network at one time.

In this case, the streaming quality of video streaming is tremendously affected.

  • Check if your router has QoS capability. QoS rules give you the opportunity to prioritize certain types of traffic over others to get a better user experience.

A number of modern routers are efficient in automatically recognizing traffic types and prioritizing streaming services over others to ensure they have sufficient bandwidth. But, all routers can’t do the same, especially old routers.

The other type is the congestion of the 2.4 GHz band wireless spectrum. Chromecast, the first version, unfortunately, does not support 5GHz Wi-Fi and is tied to the 2.4 GHz band.

If you live in a condominium with many apartments and dozens of nearby routers, your neighbors may be using the same wireless channel.

  • To change the channel of your router, you must access it, and in the menu look for Wireless and submenus commonly called “Channel and SSID”.

If it’s marked automatic choose any available channel and go testing until you find the one that works best.

Chromecast restarts in nothing

You are watching a video and Chromecast starts to loop or restart.

  • If the USB cable is on the TV input, try plugging it directly into the wall outlet.

Videos crashing

Not just a high Mbps broadband connection is enough.

Above all, the connection should be stable, with few low/high-speed spikes.

Chromecast itself attempts to compensate for this variation, but in some situations, there may be crashes.

If you are using an IPTV application, streaming will hardly stop. But, in this case, the reason may be the blockade exercised by internet operators.

Restart the router.

Your device may be too far from the router. Check the strength of the internet signal on the icon of your smartphone or tablet.

Chromecast does not appear in the Chrome browser

Chromecast icon will only appear on desktop and notebook Chrome with Google Cast extension installed.

Chrome has changed. Now there are basically two buttons:

One already appears as an icon on media compatible with Chromecast, YouTube, for example.

The other is in Chrome’s main menu (above, on the right side of the browser). Click/tap Cast and choose the Chromecast connection to appear in the drop-down menu. This is quite a simple process, isn’t it?

Emergency solution for smartphones or tablets

If you are unable to connect your tablet or smartphone, then you should try connecting through Chrome from your PC or notebook. For more information go to setup chromecast on pc.

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