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Must Try 7 Functions Of Chromecast Media Player

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Google Chromecast as the name indicates is something like a magic stick that plays content from local as well as from online channel sources. You can watch any previous show or episode of your choice and even enjoy the live match between the two favorite teams from the upcoming football season. There are 7 hidden functions of Chromecast which one must try on their player.

Do you know the complete functions and features of your Chromecast media player? The Chromecast media player is useful only if you are using it to full potential. If you don’t know the 7 functions which we are going to explain now, then you must go through the post discussed below.

  1. Transfer virtual things to reality: If something amazing is available, then why to watch those silly things or simple content. You can transform the things into reality with the Google Chromecast media player.

Important conditions that must be satisfied

  • The mobile phone and dongle must be connected to the home network.
  • You need google home app to be installed on mobile.

Follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open App and click ‘Transfer’.
  • Tap ‘Google Chromecast’.
  • Plug the headsets into the smartphone and start virtual transmission.
  1. Make some presentations: You can edit or see the presentations from Google Chromecast. From the Google cast menu, click the ‘Present’ option and select the presentation. It will start displaying the presentation on the TV screen through Chromecast.
  2. Try dynamic mode: From dynamic mode, you can play pictures from local storage and google collection art. You can select any mode according to your choice.
  3. Stream music rather than seeing it: You can stream music on TV from Chromecast media player. This is possible with Google play music app.
  • Open the app and click ‘Transfer’ icon.
  • Click to select the dongle and music you want to stream.

With the help of Spotify network, you can play content of your choice from a phone connected to the Chromecast and to the network of the same SSID. Select ‘Available devices’ and Press ‘Chromecast’.

  1. Play video games through Chromecast: Though PlayStation and Chromecast are from different segments still you can enjoy some games on Chromecast. If you have any game available on your smartphone, you can play it on the TV screen with the help of Chromecast media player.
  2. Draw on the TV screen: With cast pad app downloaded on phone and Google Chromecast at home, you can convert the TV screen to drawing studio. From Pictionary to doodle from each participant, you can play anything of your choice.
  3. Create your own YouTube Playlist: We all know the name of biggest video playing network i: e, YouTube. You can even play the content from this platform on your TV screen. This is possible with the Chromecast which will act as an interface between the TV and the smartphone. If you want to watch any video later, then Click ‘Watch later’ option. You can add as many videos you want in the watch later list. All videos will play automatically.

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