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How To Do Video Conferencing On TV With Chromecast?

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The Chromecast can be used to make video calls on your TV screen. Connected to the television via HDMI, the device receives images from the PC via Wi-Fi, facilitating interaction in virtual meetings with many participants or work during the home office, for example. On Windows or macOS computers, the user must use the mirroring feature by Chrome, displaying only one tab or the entire desktop. If you have Google Chromecast and would like to know how to do video conferencing with it on your TV, then that’s exactly what’s coming next.

Here’s how to video conference on your TV with the Google accessory.

Before moving on with the process, just check if your PC is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as that of your Chromecast. The reason is, it confirms that both devices will interact with each other easily.

With video call in the browser

If you are using Skype or another browser-based video call tool, then you will have to use the standard mirroring of Chrome, which sends the image from one of the web browser’s tabs.

Step 1–You need to open the web version of Skype by entering ‘’ in the address bar. If you want to access another online video conferencing service, then open that in the browser. Go to the browser’s menu followed by selecting the ‘Transmit’ option.

Step 2–You will see Chromecast in the pop-up window. Click to begin the streaming and you will see the Chrome tab on your TV in a few seconds.

Step 3–As your PC connects to the TV, start the video call from your computer using the same browser tab. The sound will automatically transmit with the video from the TV, but leave your computer in the proximity to use the microphone.

With video call software

If you opt for a video calling software such as Zoom Meetings, you will have to use another type of Chrome mirroring. By that we mean, you can’t just mirror a single tab, you will have to transmit the whole session.

Step 1–Launch Google Chrome followed by accessing the “Cast” option on the menu.

Step 2 – A pop-up will appear from which, you will have to click on “Source” followed by selecting “Transmit workspace”.

Step 3–Make sure that in the pop-up window, you enable “Broadcast desktop” at the top after which, you will have to click on Chromecast.

Step 4–You will see a new window on which, you will have to select the frame followed by clicking ‘Share’ to begin the connection. Now, you will see the entire computer screen on your TV.

Step 5–At last, launch the video call program normally and begin an online meeting. It is crucial to maximize the window for viewing images on full screen on your TV. Whereas for tab broadcast, chrome sends the sound to the TV, but the notebook’s microphone is still needed to talk.

Chromecast is the best alternative to facilitate online meetings with many people, and if you are now interested in using this method, then what you are waiting for. Just follow the steps and get on with video chat with your friends, office mates, clients, and anybody else by having done your Chromecast Setup for video conferencing.

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