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How To Cast Content From Chrome Browser To Chromecast?

chrome cast setup

Are you interested in watching content using Chromecast on your Chrome browser, then pay attention to the procedure that you are about to read, as that will help you stream online videos and shows on your smart devices using Chromecast? For this, you can create a particular tab on your desktop in Chrome and start with the following maneuver:

Method to Cast your Chromecast on Android television with the help of Chrome:-

  • Open your web browser “Google Chrome”. Now, look on the right side of the screen, as you will see three vertical dots.
  • Go to the option named ‘Cast’.
  • Click on ‘Sources’, as this option will lead to an option of ‘casting content’.
  • From here, click on the ‘Cast tab’ to see the content on a particular tab or select ‘Cast Desktop’ to visualize the streaming content on full-screen. If you wish to watch a specific file on the Chromecast screen then select ‘Cast file’.
  • Now, select from ‘Chromecast Target Device’ following this, a blue indicator appears on the bottom of your screen from where you can check which tab is currently running.
  • Once, the device is recognized, click ‘Stop’ to end the process of casting on your Android device or TV screen.
  • Another way of casting content is by right-clicking ‘context-menu on the ‘TAB’ in your Chrome browser. Firstly, right-click at any place on the tab and then, click ‘Cast’ to begin streaming.

As the casting process is complicated and we don’t want you to go through the trouble of locating the ‘Cast’ option again and again, follow the steps below to make it a permanent option on your browser screen:

  • Again, open the Google Chrome browser. Then, move to the three vertical dots.
  • Click on ‘Cast’, as this, will open ‘Cast icon in the toolbar. Right-click on this toolbar to pull up the menu.
  • After this, choose the option ‘Always show Icon.’ From here onwards, whenever you access the toolbar, the ‘Cast’ icon will always appear.

Following the above-mentioned steps, you will be able to successfully create the ‘Cast’ option in your toolbar. Letting you access Google Chromecast on your Smart device, with lesser effort.

You must know that Google cast can directly link your Chromecast through the Chrome web browser. An easy process will make you stream your favorite show on a bigger screen such as your Smart television. Having said that, and presented you with two different options to stream content. We would like to tell you the difference between the two ways.

When you are casting content from the Chrome tab directly, you have to keep your Pc or laptop switched on the entire time as this is a mirroring process. However, if you are streaming shows from entertainment sites such as Netflix, you can switch off the device after the connection is established, as Chromecast can handle online streaming on its own.

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