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How Chromecast Works With iPhone

chromecast setup

Chromecast transfers photos and videos from smartphones, tablets or the web to the TV screen. Even if the streaming stick comes from Google, it is compatible with iOS. Here’s how to use Chromecast with iPhone or connect to the iPad.

Chromecast is Google’s answer to the Amazon Fire TV Stick or Apple TV. It is a media-streaming device with which, you can either stream series and films from Netflix and Co. to your TV or transfer photos, videos or music from your mobile phone or tablet to the large TV screen. For example, vacation photos can be easily viewed on your TV from your iPhone or iPad. Because although Chromecast comes from Google, the TV stick is not only compatible with Android but works just as well with iOS devices. All you have to do is make a few settings. We’ll show you how to use Chromecast with your iPhone or iPad. Here you’ll learn how to connect iOS devices to Chromecast and send videos and pictures to your TV.

Connect Chromecast to iPhone

Before you can set up Chromecast and connect it to your iPad or iPhone, you need to prepare in advance. First, make sure that your TV has an HDMI input, i.e. is compatible with Chromecast, your Wi-Fi network is working and you have the Wi-Fi password at hand. Once everything has been prepared, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Set up a Google account.
  2. Install the latest Google Home app for iOS.
  3. Connect Chromecast to your TV.
  4. Make sure that the stick is supplied with power via the supplied power pack or USB stick.
  5. Open the Google Home app on your smartphone.
  6. Tap the home screen and select the Confirm account.
  7. Now you will reach the welcome screen. Click Start Now.
  8. Now you are in the Create Home area. Now tap on Start now.
  9. You will reach the section setting. Choose ‘set up new devices’.
  10. Follow the instructions on the screen.
  11. When establishing the Wi-Fi connection, make sure that your Chromecast and your iPhone or iPad are in the same Wi-Fi network.
  12. Make sure your Bluetooth is turned on. This makes it easier to establish a connection.

Send photos and videos from iPad or iPhone to Chromecast: the right app

Once your Chromecast is set up, your TV is ready to use to stream Netflix, YouTube, or Amazon Prime. But, when it comes to sending photos from iPhone to Chromecast and thus to your TV, you as an iOS user must first install the appropriate app.

Google Photos app

Google itself offers with Google Photos an app for iOS users to send photos and videos to Chromecast. The application can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store and is very user-friendly. Once you have installed Google Photos, all you have to do is connect the app to your Google account. To do this, open the start screen and tap on Confirm account. One-click on the Google Cast icon in the upper right corner of the display is enough to connect your Chromecast to your iPhone or iPad and transfer photos to the TV.

Photo Video Cast to Chromecast App

The Photo Video Cast to Chromecast app is another very popular and free iOS app that sends both photos and videos from your iPad or iPhone to Chromecast and is available for download from the App Store. The application is very intuitive: Access from Photo Confirm Video Cast to Chromecast on your photos, click the Cast icon, and select your Chromecast device and you’ll be streaming photos or videos on TV.

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