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Here is the comparison between Chromecast Ultra and Apple TV 4K

With the inventive approach, 4K streaming is slowly coming in the trend and habit of the market and all the streamers. And Apple has just bang to the 4K media streaming with its Apple TV 4K, and it’s been a way back coming for the tech giant.

 The chain of other companies like Roku and Amazon have had the 4K-capable media hubs for the last one or two years, which seems a late entry for Apple to the party. The performance and the value are more than the quickness. Check out the fine comparison between Apple TV 4K and Chromecast Ultra.

  • HDR and 4K- Regarding the 4K resolution, both the streamers provide the support for the 4K resolution. But, that is just an element of the story for getting the best picture on your big screen; HDR is also one of the crucial parts of the display. In this case, if your TV can handle 4K, then the HDR content can be much better than the 4K video played with the use of the standard dynamic range. Currently, there are two trending formats of the HDR in the market- Dolby Vision and HDR10. The HDR10 format can be found on both HDR video streams and Blu-ray discs, which define the brightness values and color in a predefined range. And the Dolby Vision can be found on the streaming services, which defines the brightness and color of every pixel based on the unique profile for every TV, adjusting all those values according to suit the abilities of the panel.


The Apple TV renders the 4K supports for both Dolby Vision and HDR 10, making it look well-rounded on the HDR front. While the Chromecast Ultra renders the support for the HDR10. Still, there is a small edge that Apple TV 4K has been over the competition.

  • Power- The power factor is pretty hard to measure for the media streamers. As, both the devices can stream the 4K HDR video, so they have got the required processing speed to handle. The sheer power and the latest chips can determine the way how smooth you can have the browsing experience, and there are limited ways to test that. Looking on the paper, Apple TV seems powerful due to its A10X system-on-chip. The iPad Pro also uses the same processor, and it is pretty fast.


There is no clarification from the side of Google about the processor used by the Chromecast Ultra. Since Google’s product fully is navigated via smartphone or tablet, its interface response fully depends upon the device that you are using. In this section, Apple TV is the clear-cut winner.

  • Voice Features- Apple’s voice assistant is quite powerful with the fine reach beyond picking what you are willing to watch. You can easily head on to ask Siri to set alarms, answer the different questions, and control the media playback. Even, smart home devices can also be controlled if they are Apple HomeKit-compatible.


While the Google Voice Assistant seems as powerful as Siri, but again you should have a compatible tablet/smartphone to play it. The Chromecast Ultra doesn’t hold a remote with a microphone so you can’t just give the commands, and every Android device doesn’t have the Google Assistant. In this section, Apple TV is the winner.

  • Cost factor- In this particular factor, Apple falls behind the competition. In the market, the 4K media streaming is available for $100 or below a year. Meanwhile, Apple TV starts at $179, and Chromecast Ultra is $69. In the current section, Chromecast is the real winner. For more information go to Chromecast Setup Windows.

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