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Fix the “No Cast Destination” Issue on Google Chromecast Setup

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If you are having any sort of problem with your Chromecast media player, then feel free to apply the steps mentioned. You will be able to fix the problem on your own.

Are you coming across the ‘No cast destination found’ message on your Chromecast screen? If yes, then there can be a variety of reasons behind it. You need to diagnose the problem first, then troubleshoot it accordingly. If you are using ‘Built-in Chromecast’, Chromecast player, or Chromecast help built-in speaker and find the error message on the screen, then here are some tricks.

Troubleshooting tips: Try fixing the problem on your own by reading the troubleshooting steps available online. If you find the problem is still at large, then follow the steps mentioned below:

Basic steps for troubleshooting:

  1. Check for internet connection if it is working or not: The casting of content is possible if there is a stable internet connection on the streaming devices as well as on the medium. Another thing required is the same wireless network on both devices. If you are using the same network, then you will find the name of the same network on both devices.
  2. Try the google home app: Try opening the google home app from a smartphone. Before this, open the Bluetooth of your device and connect it to the Chromecast.
  3. Turn on 2.4 GHz frequency for Chromecast: There are 2 frequencies basically on which the google Chromecast help device works. If your device from which you are going to stream the content supports 2.4GHz frequency, then enable the same frequency on your Chromecast. Disable AP and select 2.5 GHz frequency for 5 GHz router.
  4. Check OS: There are some devices that lack support for Chromecast. If you are not being able to stream content from the available OS, then delete the previous version of the OS and download the latest one.
  5. Is casting available on other devices: If you not getting any problem in streaming content from devices other than a smartphone, then it means you need to troubleshoot that device.
  • Reset your wireless router by removing the power cord from the supply. Wait for 20 seconds and turn it on again.
  • Check the device if is connected to the same wireless network or not. If you are using a different network for both devices, then you may get the problem.
  • Check the Chrome browser if it is working or not.
  • Download the latest firmware version of chrome browser. If you don’t know the current version of OS installed on the computer, then go to the ‘Search bar’ and click the ‘Update’ option.
  • If you have enabled any VPN service on the device, then disable it and check Chromecast streaming. Sometimes, some VPNs don’t allow you to stream content due to security reasons.
  • You must ensure that Firewall or Antivirus is enabled on the computer but not acting as barriers to the streaming. If you are facing any problem with such Anti-Malware programs, then uninstall the software for a moment and try playing content.

Additional steps: If you are still having the streaming problem, then last but not least, try rebooting the devices that include a router, modem, Chromecast, and computer.

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