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Do Google Chromecast is Going to Support the VLC 3.0 Media player?

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Google Chromecast benefits from the VLC 3.0 media player

In recent times, Chromecast has joined hands with the VideoLAN, which we all know is a reputed company for making the most popular cross-platform VLC Media Player. Windows Media Player is a default software in all Windows PC, but people especially download VLC Media Player knowing its amazing features and the ability to play all sorts of media files. Now, VideoLAN has revealed that they have made a decision to ship VLC MP 3.0 with Chromecast Support. This is a move that could really strengthen the ties between the two companies and can boost the viewing experience of Chromecast users.

It is a well-known fact that Chromecast is a device that is created by the tech giant ‘Google’ to allow people to stream a wide range of media files from one device to another. Moreover, the company has also allowed people to stream content using the Chromecast app. The Chromecast app download can be done easily from different app markets. Chromecast app is available at Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The necessity of the app is certainly there because the Chromecast device isn’t itself streaming content, but it is just a medium that connects two devices wirelessly so that people can watch digital content easily.

Google Chromecast isn’t the only gadget that streams digital content, but it is the ease of use that makes Chromecast the most popular device. People who are aware of the streaming devices know that the design of streaming devices is like a lunch box or cylinders, but when it comes to Chromecast, the device looks like a pen drive. It can be easily plugged into the HDMI port of the Smart TVs or HD TVs. It was not long ago when it was a bit complicated to get Chromecast to stream digital content that is stored in your hard disk to the television, but the company has taken note of the glitches and the mistakes and rectified it quite comprehensively. Now, the device works smoothly and is also among the most popular streaming devices in the world.

The announcement made by VideoLAN is just a side note that VideoLAN adds to its website. It also depicts the company’s operation in different fields. It is like the daily news and press releases of the company. You can easily download the Chromecast app to access VLC 3.0 Media Player. Go to your application store, search for the app, download and install the app. You are then good to go.

There is another way of streaming the digital content, i.e., by getting the Chromecast extension download link. This can be done by opening the Chrome browser and searching for the Chromecast extension. Once you get the extension, you can easily beam digital content from your PC/laptop to your TV.

Here are some crucial points regarding Google Chromecast download and VLC Media Player.

  1. You are going to see the Chromecast device on the QT interface, which then is used to stream content.
  2. VLC Media Player 3.0 is going to detect the Chromecast device, which will be used to stream media from all sources.
  3. You will find that the VLC is going to transcode all the formats so that all the supported files can be easily streamed to the device. So, you need to get Chromecast free download link in order to get started.

There hasn’t been any decision yet on the OS, which gives the impression that the VLC Media Player desktop versions are going to get the support for Chromecast. This is the only channel that is available on an evening basis. To download this service, you can go to the VideoLAN site. For more information click on Chromecast setup pc.

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