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5 Secrets To Getting The Most From Your Chromecast

Chrome Cast Com Setup

It is one of the best devices on the market for wireless audio and video transmission between a tablet/smartphone/PC/notebook and a digital TV.

But some features are unknown to most of its users. Let’s unveil them then:

  1. Turn on the TV

This is one of the secrets, which users know the least about. You can turn on your TV simply by playing a video on YouTube, Netflix, or launching any other app that uses Chromecast.

What you need: The power of your Chromecast should be plugged in, not a USB port on your TV. Another condition is that the TV offers some ability to connect to other devices. Samsung TVs are AllShare/AnyNet and mobile devices of the same brand, Screen Mirroring.

Issue: If you trigger this connection and want to watch a video on a smartphone or tablet, you will need to turn off Chromecast.

Solution: Google is always aware of Chromecast “glitches”. It is not unlikely to bring a solution to this in future updates.

Be smart: If your concern is to save energy, you would not need to turn off Chromecast. Consumption is minimal; but, if you travel, I advise you to remove it from the TV. When you plug it in again you will not lose any previous settings.

  1. Use Plex as a media center

Using software like Plex you can create a true media center by sending virtually everything on your hard drive to your Chromecast (movies, videos, music, photos).

Interestingly, Plex works with almost all types of devices: desktops and notebooks running Windows, Mac or Linux, and mobile devices running Android and iOS.

What it takes: Just download the program or application, create an account, and do a little setup.

Issue: For Android and iOS users the app is paid.

Plex also works with Windows Phone, but Windows Phone doesn’t work with Chromecast.

Solution: There are programs and applications that deserve investment. Plex is one of them. And for Windows, Mac, and Linux users (Ubuntu) users it’s free.

  1. Watch movies at the hotel/hostel or at friends’ house

For those who travel a lot (leisure or work), or go on vacation, it is complicated to depend on the channel package of hotels or inns.

To watch your own movies or videos on a larger screen, in theory, all you need is a TV with an HDMI port and an internet connection.

Problem: It is not easy to find a hotel with fast-speed internet. Most budget hotels have slow internet speeds, which won’t be sufficient to stream content from Chromecast.

Solution: It would use a killer 4G plan and do the routing.

  1. Make professional presentations – goodbye projectors

One of the most annoying things for those who are going to give a presentation in a different place is relying on projectors.

The difference with hotels is that in professional or teaching environments, there is almost always a reasonable and secure connection.

Problem: It requires a good internet connection and Chromecast can’t get too far from the router.

Solution: As with the hotel example, you can also use a portable router and plug it into an Ethernet port.

To generate presentations, you can use the Google Presentations app, which has an icon for a direct connection to Chromecast.

  1. Play

This seems a bit obvious, but in practice, few games deserve to be played with Chromecast. My suggestion would be car racing games that basically require tilt control on the smartphone or tablet.

Real Racing 3, GT Racing 2. Also good for Just Dance 2015. There are over 100 Chromecast games in the Google store.

Problem: Only works with screen mirroring. Machines with old or low memory processors may crash or have a short delay. It is only for Android, as the Chromecast iOS app does not mirror.

Chromecast Com SetupChromecast Setup

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